About us

V&S is a specialist in the field of convenience food products, ranging from traditional handpicked satays, large varieties of fingerfood and mealcomponents, composed of endless combinations of raw materials as chicken, meat, fish, cheese, pasta, vegetables, fruit and the latest innovative vegetarian meat substitutes. Due to this specialization, V&S Foodspecialist has built up a leading position within the retail, catering and food service industry within Western Europe in the past 25 years. Our products are produced under thorough quality requirements and delivered to our customers, both from the standard V&S assortment, as well as specifically tailor-made developed in good cooperation with our customers. V&S Foodspecialist distinguishes itself by being an alert and innovative product developer, quality-oriented and flexible production and intensive cooperation with its customers.

From ‘Vlees & Saté Specialist’ to V&S Foodspecialist

The origin of the Vlees & Saté (Meat & Satay) Specialist dates back to 1904, when the former butcher shop changed its core business to becoming a supplier to other butchers in Leiden. Eventually, this resulted in the launch of a factory in Leiden, delivering to independent butchers. Around 1980 a small company, which made satay products, was overtaken which laid the foundation for the current company.

In the 1980’s the barbeque was an upcoming trend, on which V&S anticipated by starting to produce raw satay, ready to grill on the barbeque. V&S expanded with products as shaslick, kids-kebab and the Hawaiian-kebab.

Convenience was playing an increasing role in the food revolution and V&S anticipated this by pre-grilling the products for caterers. Nowadays the V&S assortment consists of a limitless range of different kinds of satays and kebabs. V&S also produces a delightful range of finger food products, on a small skewer or as tapas. Product development is a high priority focal point of the company, which enables us to actively anticipate the food trends, both for the domestic and export market.

Quality and responsibility

Quality has the highest priority, which means that there are no concessions made in the V&S production, as we only produce in our IFS and/or BRC certified production sites.

As V&S Foodspecialist, we take corporate social responsibility very seriously and we have an ethical, social and ecological responsibility integrated within our long term business strategy. With respect to responsible behavior, we impose requirements to our suppliers, based on the Code of Conduct. These requirements are compiled in accordance with the principles of the Global Compact of the United Nations. We are screening our suppliers on working conditions and the absence of child labor.

In addition, together with the Vegetarian Butcher we worked on the development of the latest generation of sustainable meat substitutes based on lupine and soy. Furthermore V&S Foodspecialist has a critical look at the ingredients, that is why more and more artificial additions are replaced by natural substances. This fits in with the current culture of conscious and responsible eating.

The Vegetarian Butcher

In close cooperation with "the Vegetarian Butcher', V&S Foodspecialist develops, manufactures and sells a range of revolutionary vegetarian meat substitutes. These vegetarian meat replacements, based on lupine and soy, are unique in structure, bite and taste. The high quality products are culinary surprisingly, suitable for everybody from meat eater to flexitarian.

The products can be used in all sorts of dishes. The assortment is wide and has a product for every moment. The range varies from hamburgers, meatballs, organic croquettes, bacon to very tasteful chicken pieces based on soy and 100% vegetarian.

These products are highly innovative and are the first generation of meat substitutes which also contain the essential nutritions that our body needs.
Every professional food-user can work with these products, as the most are not ready-made and can be applied to any end product, in contrast to the current range of vegetarian products.

Synergy with our customers

Intensive cooperation with our customers in order to develop a tailor-made product, is an absolute focus for our company. In addition to product development and product sourcing in close consultation with our customers, service and flexibility in production and supply are essential. After all, the whole is more than the sum of its parts!

Production and logistics

The food production takes place in high quality production sites under the IFS and/or BRC certification.

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