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Press release

Dec 7 2018

Press release:

Investor Rabo Participaties acquires a 40% interest in V&S Foodspecialist: a producer of handmade satay, ethnic and vegetarian snacks


Leiden, 7 December 2018 - V&S Food Specialist (V&S), a Dutch manufacturer of hand-made satay, ethnic and vegetarian snacks has attracted a new shareholder: Rabo Participaties.

The Leiden based company is a renowned producer for various European customers, especially in the food service industry.

V&S wishes to further strengthen its position in these markets by, among other things, focussing on further product development together with its customers and its ability to quickly respond to client demands through its flexible production processes. This anticipated growth will be supported by capacity expansion. In addition, V&S sees opportunities for selective acquisitions. Thanks to the shareholding of Rabo Participaties, V&S is now ideally positioned for this.

‘’Rabo Participaties fits well with us; there was an instant click’’; says managing director and major shareholder Eric Postma of V&S in an explanation. ‘’Rabo Participaties is a strong, financial partner, has a cooperative background, is pragmatic, just like us, and is keen to support the envisaged growth strategy of the company in the long term.’’

The participation in V&S fits well with Rabo Participaties as the company is supported to realize further growth and it fits seamlessly with her food & agri ‘’sweet spot’’. Dolf Broekveldt, investment director at Rabo Participaties: ‘’V&S is an interesting and innovative company with a well-defensible position in the food market with more than sufficient growth potential. The fact that the entrepreneurial managing director retains a majority interest, and other management team members also acquire a stake, confirms our confidence in the company and the strategic direction of the company.’’

V&S has been advised by Squarefield (M&A) and Van Doorne (legal). Rabo Participaties was assisted by DLA Piper (legal), KPMG (financial) and JSA Tax Consultancy (fiscal).


For more information:

V&S Foodspecialist

Mr. E. Postma

T: +31 (0)71 581 35 35

E: info@foodspecialist.nl


The history of V&S dates back to 1904. Over the years the company has proactively and successfully adapted to the changing market and quality requirements. In recent years, the company has grown substantially through a combination of organic growth and a number of strategic acquisitions. V&S operates in more than ten countries across Europe. By the end of 2017 the number of employees was 260.

Rabo Participaties is part of Rabo Private Equity, the investment arm of the Rabobank Group. Currently, the investment branch of Rabobank has more than EUR 1 billion under management through (international) fund investments and direct participations. Rabo Participaties invests directly in rapidly growing Dutch companies who seek a partner to realize further growth and/or a change of ownership. Rabo Participaties is flexible when it comes to investment structures, holding both minority and majority stakes, whereby the partnership with the entrepreneur is always essential and the first priority.

Time for a nice Bratwurst!

Nov 1 2018

Time for a nice Bratwurst!

And why not go for the healthy version? The Vegetarian Butcher has two delicious options, the juicy spicy Vegetarian Bratwurst, and according to a traditional English recipe the Vegetarian Little Willies. Delicious in stews, oven-baked dinners, on a bread roll or as a nice snack.


Jan 17 2017

The latest addition to our partybox-range! Delicious fresh goat cheese, dipped in honey-thyme marinade wrapped in Coburg ham.

Beter Leven keurmerk certificate V&S Foodspecialist

Jun 22 2016

Beter Leven Keurmerk: V&S Foodspecialist recently received the 'Beter Leven Keurmerk' certificate. This means V&S Foodspecialist is approved as producer of pork products with one-star 'Beter Leven Keurmerk', in accordance with the strict rules regarding animal welfare.



New packaging

Aug 15 2015

Have you spotted them already? The V&S Foodspecialist partyboxes have been restyled. A more up-to-date design, in a handy size. This makes it easier to combine, without having to keep large boxes in stock. The party boxes with mini brochettes are available in the following varieties:

  • Mozzarella Tomato 40 x 17g
  • Mozzarella Olive 40 x 15g
  • Chicken Stick 32 x 20g

In addition, the Joepie! kids brochette has been restyled as well, maintaining the current content of 16 x 75g. The other types of party boxes will no longer be a part of our assortment.

News item in the tk report Trend forum

Oct 10 2013

V&S Foodspecialist and The Vegetarian Butcher in a news item in the tk report Trend forum on the occasion of the Anuga.

The smash hit of summer: Wanghi and Madoera satay!

Aug 1 2013

The smash hit of summer: Wanghi and Madoera satay!

The best authentic taste and bite, combined with user-friendly IQF or vacuum packaging.

Summer is coming! A little foretaste.

Jun 1 2013

Summer is coming! Taste the sun in our flavorous sundried tomatoes. Delicious during a relaxing sit on the terrace to celebrate the arrival of the sun!

Introduction vegetarian MC2-hamburger

Jun 1 2013

The Vegetarian Butcher introduces the revolutionary vegetarian MC2-Hamburger, which is soy based and rich in proteins. The taste and texture can withstand any comparison with beef burgers. The initial reactions are very positive and enthusiastic.

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