Together, we can do anything

We love teaming up with our customers and suppliers to bring new ideas and special requests to life. It is all about sharing skills, expertise and working together to achieve that satisfying result we all crave: empowering customers to delight their guests. Together, we can do anything.

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V&S Foodspecialist
V&S Foodspecialist

Long-term partnerships

Creating good food together is its own language, and it is one we speak fluently! We believe that it is only through fostering secure, long-term partnerships that you can make delicious products that will stand the test of time.The last century, our innovative way of working has proved to be both succesful and satisfying.

Zero worries

Many of the food concepts we create are marketed under a private label. If you wish, we can develop your private label from A to Z – from sourcing the most suitable raw materials and developing recipes to onsite product delivery – relieving you of all worries.

But if you prefer, we can also take care of just part of the process. You supply your own raw materials, for example, from which we then create top-quality products according to your recipe. Whatever you choose, we can make it happen.

V&S Foodspecialist
V&S Foodspecialist

Kosher and Halal

If you have a specific request or requirement, we are happy to take on the challenge and will only stop when you are completely satisfied. This also applies to products that require special procedures during production, such as those set out in the guidelines for Halal and Kosher certified products. We know what we are doing.

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