Health and healthy food

Your health is your most valuable asset and we appreciate that healthy choices are important for both our customers and consumers. We therefore offer a wide range of products that perfectly fit a healthy lifestyle.

V&S Foodspecialist

Striking the balance

When developing convenience food, we are fully committed to producing items that taste great and contain as few sugars, salt, fats, E numbers and allergens as possible. This means that our flavourful products not only comply with government guidelines but also meet consumer preferences.

Allergen-free production

In today’s market, there is increasing focus on people with food allergies or intolerances. V&S therefore strives, where possible, to make its range allergen free. We consciously make adjustments to our processes to keep our products free from gluten, lactose, peanuts and nuts where we can.

V&S Foodspecialist
V&S Foodspecialist

Meat and fish alternatives

Healthy eating does not only depend on a varied diet. Health benefits can also be gained by reducing the amount of meat and fish on your menu, for example. V&S is continuously developing tasty alternatives.

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