Responsible approach

When it comes to food safety, we take our responsibilities seriously. Our obligations also apply to our own food specialists, society at large and the environment.

V&S Foodspecialist

Code of Conduct

We adhere to an established code of conduct in which we set out our responsibilities and those of our partners. We focus continuously on creating quality working conditions throughout the entire chain, ensuring the absence of child labour, guaranteeing fair wages and safe working environments. This applies to all our sites as well as our suppliers.

Society and environment

Of course, we strictly adhere to all laws and regulations concerning food production. And with our vegetarian and vegan dishes, we provide healthy alternatives that are less harmful to the environment. We are also greening our energy consumption and reducing our carbon footprint step by step.

V&S Foodspecialist

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We take our responsibilities seriously. Want to create great food in a conscientious way?

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