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Apricot filled with cream cheese

Bistro Chickensatay uncooked

Bistro Chickensatay Wanghi uncooked

Bistro pork tenderloin satay Madoera uncooked

Bistro Porksatay uncooked

Bistro porkshaslick uncooked

Chicken kebab wrapped in Bacon uncooked

Chickensatay uncooked

Chorizo filled with cream cheese

Cocktailbox Cooked mini Chicken Date-Shaslick-Hawai

Cocktailbox Italian

Cooked Chickensatay

Cooked Chickenshaslick

Cooked mini Chicken Apricot kebab

Cooked mini Chicken Cajun kebab

Cooked mini Chicken Date kebab

Cooked mini Chicken Green Curry kebab

Cooked mini Chicken Hawaii kebab

Cooked mini Chicken rolled in bacon kebab

Cooked mini Chickenshaslick

Cooked Porksatay

Date filled with cream cheese

Falafun falafel bites

Falafun falafel burger 100 gram

Falafun falafel burger 80 gram

Falafun falafel Mini-burger

Goat cheese-Coburg ham brochette


Green peppers filled with cream cheese

Ham filled with cream cheese

Hawaii kebab uncooked

Joepie!® Kids Chickenkebab

Kids kebab

Mini Chickensatay uncooked

Mini Chickenshaslick uncooked

Mini Hawaïian kebab uncooked

Mini Porkshaslick uncooked

Mini Specialities: Cooked mini Chicken hawaii, Chicken Date, Shaslick

Mini Specialities: Cooked mini Tandoori, Piri Piri, Bacon kebab

Mozzarella Olive garlic kebab

Mozzarella spicy Olive kebab

Mozzarella Tomato kebab

Partybox Assorted Cooked mini Chickensatay

Partybox Chickensatay uncooked

Partybox Cooked Chickensatay

Partybox Mini Cooked Chickensatay

Partybox Porkshaslick uncooked

Pineapple kebab covered with dark chocolate

Pork tenderloin satay uncooked

Porksatay uncooked

Porksatay deluxe uncooked

Porkshaslick uncooked

Red peppers filled with cream cheese

Sabor&Gusto® Apricots in bacon

Sabor&Gusto® Asparagus in minced veal

Sabor&Gusto® Dates in bacon

Sabor&Gusto® Green Asparagus in bacon

Sabor&Gusto® Green Beans in bacon

Sabor&Gusto® Prunes in bacon

Salami filled with cream cheese

Seasoned dried tomatoes

Spinner bacon uncooked

Spizza kebab uncooked

Strawberries covered in chocolate

Sweet pepper filled with cream cheese

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