Innovation in food

At V&S Foodspecialist, we never stand still. We are always innovating, whether it involves developing appetising meat and fish alternatives or packaging that is less harmful to the environment. We are continuously on the lookout for ways to use greener forms of energy.

V&S Foodspecialist

Trends in food

Our product developers always stay one step ahead of the trends and use their knowhow to create innovative products and concepts. We have already developed many innovative meat and fish alternatives that are every bit as good as the original in terms of taste, texture and appearance. We are producing allergen free and soy free whenever possible and increasingly emphasise the importance of vegetable proteins. Our products are GMO free. By cleverly adjusting our recipes, we can reduce the amount of sugar, salt and fat in our products without affecting taste.

Packaging and energy

We closely monitor our packaging to ensure it contains less plastic and is optimally biodegradable. We also make sure that our production facilities operate to maximum efficiency and use as little energy as possible. Moreover, our energy increasingly comes from solar panels.

V&S Foodspecialist

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